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Types of abdominoplasty

Today we are going to talk about the types of abdominoplasties that we perform:


These are those patients who have a bulging abdomen but do not have excess skin at all. In these cases we will perform an endoscopic abdominoplasty that will consist of making three small incisions near the pubis through which we introduce a camera and through which we will carry out a plication of the rectus abdominis muscles, that is, a suture that joins the muscles. of the abdomen to eliminate the bulging. If our patient has a cesarean section scar, the surgery can be performed more easily (without endoscopy) through said scar.


The patient who has some excess skin on the abdomen but not enough to remove all the skin from the pubis to the navel. In these cases you can do a mini abdominoplasty with several options, removing only excess skin from the navel towards the pubis without removing the navel, removing the navel and lowering it 1 or 2 cm in case of a very high navel, doing a “minit”… We’re not going To go into too many technical details, the important thing is the idea of ​​​​removing that minimal excess of skin and treating the bulging of the abdomen.


The vast majority of cases. We have bulging of the abdominal wall and abundant excess skin that is observed when our patient sits or shrinks. We will do plication of the rectus abdominis muscles and transposition of the navel completely.


Cases in which, in addition to bulging of the abdomen and excess skin, there is excess fat. In these cases, a combined surgery is performed in which liposuction and a modified abdominoplasty are combined. The technique is usually called “saldanha” in honor of the Brazilian surgeon who described it, although today it is used more and more, there are even surgeons who do it in all cases of abdominoplasty.

See lipoabdominoplasty results

See abdominoplasty results

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