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The double chin is that accumulation of fat that is located behind the chin and in the anterior area of ​​the neck.

Being very visible because it is under the face, this accumulation can give the impression that a person does not take proper care of their physical appearance.

The double chin is usually associated with overweight or obesity, although this is not always the case; genetic factors also influence it and can sometimes be associated with some diseases or medications.

Because of this, physical exercise and diet will always help reduce double chins, but sometimes they may be insufficient.


The first thing we must do is determine if the unsightly appearance of our neck is due to an accumulation of fat (double chin), sagging of the neck skin (associated with the passage of time or significant weight loss) or a combination of the two. components (skin sagging and fat accumulation).


At Clínica Forcada we are committed to investing in the latest technologies such as Lipovaser or Bodytite in the hands of excellent professionals.

To eliminate the accumulation of fat , we will perform a double chin liposuction, for which we have 2 options:

–The Lipovaser: when fat accumulation predominates and the skin has slight sagging.

The lipovaser consists of an ultrasound-assisted liposuction that liquefies the fat, making its extraction less traumatic and effective.

–Bodytite (known as Facetite or Necktite when used on the face or neck):

when in addition to fat accumulation we have a component of skin sagging.

Bodytite consists of Radiofrequency-assisted Liposuction that also generates heat that retracts and tightens the skin.

To treat skin sagging we have 2 options:

If we have mild/moderate sagging we will use Bodytite (As we have already mentioned Factite or Necktite when used on the face and/or neck)

We can also complement it with several sessions at the Morpheus office.

Morpheus is not a surgical procedure but rather a medical/aesthetic procedure applied in consultation. It consists of applying radiofrequency or heat (like bodytite), through microneedles from the outside of the skin and which also produce a skin tightening effect.

For more severe sagging we would resort to a facial lift.


Both Lipovaser, Bodytite (Factite/Necktite) and Facelift are surgeries.

However, both the duration of the surgery and the recovery time for Lipovaser and Bodytite are shorter than for Lifting.

Duration of surgery :

Both the Lipovaser and the Bodytite will take around 1 hour.

The facial lift in our hands can take around 3 hours.


Lipovaser and Bodytite could be performed without hospital admission, with discharge on the same day of the intervention. However, the Lift will require an overnight stay in the hospital.

Care and results:

In all cases it will be necessary to wear a chin guard (facial belt) for 1 or 2 weeks 24 hours a day and another 2 weeks only when you are at home.

It will also be necessary in all cases to take antibiotic medication and pain relievers.

The results are palpable from the beginning, although the first weeks are partially masked due to inflammation.

The results of the 3 interventions are long-lasting and will only be affected by the natural aging of each person.

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