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Pectoral implants

Pectoral implants have two indications: on the one hand, to treat male patients with Poland syndrome (unilateral absence of the pectoralis major muscle), on the other hand, to increase the size of both pectoralis major muscles in men who want to look more muscular and who They are incapable of hypertrophying the muscle through gym alone.

Where are they located?

Pectoral implants are positioned below the pectoralis major muscle, just like female breast implants.

And the scar?

We place the scar in the armpit, as in female breast augmentations, following the horizontal lines that are already found in the armpit. The hidden location, the fact that the scar has no tension when closing and that it follows the natural tension lines of the skin (Langerhans lines) makes the scar almost invisible one to one and a half years after the intervention.

How long does the operation last?

Between one and two hours. The entire surgery is performed with an endoscope, controlling bleeding at all times. The main difference with female breast augmentation is that we do not disinsert the pectoralis major muscle at the level of the ribs. The introduction of the implant is done with the Keller Funnel just like female breast implants to minimize contamination.

How long afterward will I not be able to train?

As with female breast augmentation, we recommend 4 to 5 weeks without training that muscle group and a slow return to exercise.

What is the implant like?

The implant is a silicone elastomer, flattened and hard, to mimic the hard and hypertrophied shape of the pectoralis major muscle.

Approximate price?

The price of the intervention ranges between 6000 and 8000 euros. Surgery is sometimes associated with glandular reduction (gynecomastia), subcutaneous liposuction to better mark the edges of the muscle, implantation of pectoral and/or triceps prostheses or abdominal liposuction.


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