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Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty in Madrid

Otorhinolaryngologist – Ultrasonic rhinoplasty specialist


Traditional rhinoplasty is a surgery based on the transformation of the cartilage and bones that make up the nose. There are two cartilages that make up the nose: the alar cartilages , which form the tip, and the triangular cartilages , which form part of the back. For their part, the bones that make up the nose are the nasal bones that are attached to the maxillary and frontal bones, respectively.

Nasal plastic surgery had advanced a lot in recent decades with cartilage management of the nose. Every year new cartilage grafts or specific techniques were discovered using threads to remodel the shape of the cartilage and therefore, the shape of the nasal tip. However, the way of treating nasal bones remained the same until a few years ago. Files and chisels very similar to a carpenter’s tools were used to modify the nasal bones. This meant poor precision in the cuts and a lot of postoperative inflammation (edema and bruising).

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty has transformed the way the nasal bones are managed using the PIEZOTOME. The piezotome is an instrument reminiscent of dental devices, which generates an ultrasonic vibration that only cuts the bone very precisely without injuring the soft tissues.

  • It does not affect soft tissues: it does not injure cartilage, skin, mucosa, or blood vessels.
  • Make very precise cuts in the nasal bones.

In this way we can file the bony nasal dorsum with much greater accuracy and say goodbye to most rhinoplasty touch-ups.


  • More accurate result (especially on the back or “easel”).
  • Less bruises.
  • Better postoperative.
  • Allows more complex cases to be treated.
  • Avoid edges or bone spurs.
  • Better management of nasal deviations.

We perform ultrasonic rhinoplasty in Madrid, at Hospital de Moncloa , a hospital that has all the appropriate measures for perfect postoperative medical care with the most avant-garde medical technology.


In the first consultation we will analyze your case in detail. The consultation consists of a superficial examination in front of a mirror in which we will comment on those aspects of the nose that we do not like, an internal examination of the septum and turbinates with a rhinoscope and a photographic simulation of the expected result in frontal and lateral vision. Finally, our secretary will detail the budget, payment method, where the surgery is performed, available dates, etc… In a second consultation , the anesthetic evaluation will be carried out, doubts regarding the surgery and possible results will be resolved, the preoperative photos and legal documents are signed.


On the day of surgery, you enter in the morning after fasting for 8 hours. The duration of the surgery is around 2 hours. Hospital discharge is the day after the operation. All our patients will wear a splint, three points in the columella and plugs that are removed after 48-72 hours.

  • DURATION: 2 hours
  • PLUGS: Not necessary
  • SPLINT: Yes, it is removed after 7 days in consultation.
  • POINTS: Yes, it is removed after 7 days in consultation.

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