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Breast Ultrasound


Breast ultrasound is an excellent diagnostic technique to assess the presence of nodules, cysts, tumors or fibrocystic mastopathy, especially in young women, under 40 years of age. This is the technique of choice to guide the puncture or biopsy of a tumor. Furthermore, it is a painless and harmless technique, without side effects, which allows us to assess the integrity of the breast prostheses, the presence of seroma, capsular contracture, etc.


* Diagnosis of breast tumor: nodule, cyst…

* Control of breast tumor.

* Guided puncture of breast tumor: BAAG and FNAC.

* Control of benign breast pathology: fibrocystic mastopathy

* Assess the integrity of the breast prostheses (when we believe that an implant is broken).

* Assess collections in the postoperative period: seroma

*Guided puncture of seromas

* Confirm capsular contracture (capsule thickness, folded prosthesis…).


Our work protocol consists of performing two ultrasounds, one before surgery and another at the time of discharge. Before surgery we want to know the presence of cysts, tumors, etc. If there is any doubt, it would be advisable to perform a biopsy and postpone the surgery until we have the results.

At the time of discharge, one year after surgery, we want to confirm that the prostheses are intact, that there are no seromas or ultrasound signs of capsular contracture. You will receive a report signed by our radiologist along with the ultrasound images.


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