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We move to Eiviestetic in Ibiza

Doctor Forcada has recently been appointed head of the plastic surgery unit at the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Policlínica in Ibiza. Starting on Friday, May 19, all our consultations and check-ups will be carried out at EIVIESTETIC (the plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine clinic of the Policlínica) which is located on Paseo Abel Matutes Juan, nº30 . EIVIESTETIC has extensive facilities, several waiting rooms and all types of technology related to antiaging medicine and plastic surgery. We are sure that our patients will feel much more comfortable. For its part, all surgical interventions will continue to be carried out in the hospital facilities of the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Policlínica, on Vía Romana s/n.

Regarding the medical team, Dr Rosa Picazo will continue to be our reference anesthetist. Dr Angel Gálvez is the specialist in aesthetic medicine who will be in charge of all antiaging medicine treatments. Because you are directly in contact with Dr Forcada, he himself will be in charge of making a first medical visit in which you can evaluate and guide the type of intervention, postoperative period, available dates, indicative price, etc… Dr Forcada will consult on Friday afternoons and will continue to operate on Saturday mornings at the Polyclinic. Finally, the surgeon in charge of immediate postoperative management (treatments and check-ups a week after the intervention) will continue to be Dr Manel Deiros , an expert general surgeon at H. Can Misses and who is part of Dr Forcada’s most trusted team.

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