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Possibilities to raise the eyebrows

A frequent query in our daily lives is the desire of many patients to improve the position of their eyebrows . We will start by telling you what, let’s say, the “expected” position and shape of the eyebrows that are considered “normal” and attractive. The first thing to take into account is the sex of the patient.

  • A man will have thicker eyebrows than women, they will tend to be straight horizontally or slightly arched and will be located at the level of the supraorbital arch, which coincides with the bone that is prominently palpable on the upper eyelids.
  • In women, however, the eyebrows are not as thick, they have a curved shape with the highest point ideally at the junction of the lateral third of the eyebrow with the most central two thirds, the hairs ending in the diagonal line which ends at the eyebrow, passing from the wing of the nose – external canthus of the eye – tail of the eyebrow and rests above the supraorbital arch.

Any man who plucks his eyebrows and arches them too much or thins them too much will feminize his eyebrows and his face. A woman who has straighter eyebrows than usual, in addition to having a worried or sad appearance, will lose a certain attractive aspect of them, appearing more masculine. The fact that the eyebrows are not those that correspond to their sex does not mean that the face is not attractive, but sometimes they give a look, let’s say, “strange.”

As for the options we have to improve their appearance, there are many alternatives that we describe very briefly below:

  1. Eyebrow tattoo: sparse eyebrows give the appearance of an older person since it is characteristic that over the years, hairs are lost from them. Many models today try not to pluck their eyebrows excessively to enhance that rejuvenating effect. An option with good results is “microbladding” which consists of painting, or rather, tattooing hair by hair. The result is more natural than tattoos that consist of just blending eyebrow color.

Elevate the position of the eyebrow: this effect can be achieved by several methods:

  1. Botulinum toxin: the toxin temporarily weakens the effect of the orbicularis muscle that lowers the eyebrow towards the eye, and therefore, the muscle that raises the eyebrow (the frontal) can do so more easily.
  2. Tensor threads: the threads have a double effect, on the one hand they act as “braces” that lift by pulling the eyebrow. They are placed under the skin. Over time, they tend to dissolve and leave a scar reaction that produces collagen that pulls the eyebrow up.
  3. Radiofrequency and focused ultrasound: both technologies, acting in different ways, achieve a similar result: heating the skin in its deep layers, which contracts and lifts the eyebrow.
  4. Hyaluronic acid fillers: over the years, the fat under the eyebrow can be lost, as happens in the chest, and the eyebrow sags. If we fill that space, previously occupied by fat, with hyaluronic acid, we reposition the eyebrow in its proper location.

In summary:

There are alternatives to improve the appearance of your eyebrows. The important thing is to act in a regulated manner and avoid very extreme results.

Sometimes we can make small simulations of the expected result with more aggressive actions with the use of botulinum toxin.

You should avoid feminizing men or masculinizing eyebrows

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