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Does rhinoplasty hurt?

One of the most common questions when you come to our office is whether nose surgery or rhinoplasty is a painful surgery.

We can affirm that rhinoplasty does not hurt , although discomfort usually occurs in the first days after the intervention.

These discomforts are due to inflammation, which can cause bruising, nasal congestion (difficulty breathing through the nose) or temporary numbness in the nose.

Always, before starting the surgery and with the patient already asleep, we perform a sensory block with local anesthesia of the nerve endings in the nose to minimize pain or discomfort after surgery.

At Clínica Forcada we use the ultrasonic rhinoplasty technique so we reduce or even eliminate the appearance of bruises , reducing any discomfort that may appear.

Furthermore, in the first 24 hours (in which you remain in the hospital) you will be administered intravenous analgesic medication if necessary, for your greatest comfort.

When you are discharged from the hospital, we prescribe regular painkillers (paracetamol, ibuprofen…) to control any possible discomfort you may have at home.

We keep the splint on for 1 week, which is usually the recommended time to return to work after surgery. Although if you don’t mind wearing it, you could come back even sooner.

That same day, we take the opportunity to remove the stitches, which are removed in a painless consultation.

Your well-being is ours. That’s why we put all our care into convincing you that you choose the best option.

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