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Does liposuction hurt?

Liposuction is an increasingly popular cosmetic surgery procedure. The objective of liposuction is not to lose weight (although some may be lost) but to model or sculpt the body figure by eliminating accumulations of localized fat.

Currently there are modern liposuction devices such as the Lipovaser, the Bodytite and the Microair, which assist the surgeon in facilitating the extraction of fat or improving sagging skin.

Some of these devices can be combined in the same patient, allowing better results to be achieved if used by the right hands.

Pain after surgery is one of the most common fears that our patients who are going to undergo liposuction have, so we are going to shed some light on this and some other topics.


Most commonly, patients describe the pain as burning, sunburn-type tenderness, or muscle pain similar to the soreness we usually experience after intense exercise.

Sometimes, the patient may notice a sensation of swelling that progressively disappears over a period of weeks or months.


In general , the pain is quite well tolerated and could be described as a discomfort (similar to soreness), being controlled with commonly used analgesics .

It is relatively common for the patient to feel back pain or muscle contractures in other areas, produced due to muscle stress during liposuction or due to postural causes during the immediate postoperative period, which are usually the cause of more uncomfortable pain and which in any case can be controlled. with usual analgesics.


Both the intensity and duration of the discomfort varies between patients and depends on the number of areas and liters of fat that we have extracted.

Generally in not very extensive liposuctions of 1 or 2 areas, the patient can carry out his daily activities in a period of time between 48 hours and 1 week (except sports) and in the case of larger liposuctions, this period can be extended up to 2 -3 weeks.

This does not mean that we are completely recovered, but we will be able to carry out activities of our daily lives.

Generally there may be discomfort until the first or second month; Improvement is always gradual and gradual.


It is important not to wait until it hurts to take painkillers, since once the pain occurs it will be more difficult to relieve.

If we take the medication as prescribed, the pain control will be much greater than if we only take the painkillers when it already hurts.

It is very important to rest and sleep adequately, since emotional stress is a factor that multiplies pain. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid situations or people that are stressful for us, at least during the initial recovery period.

Elastic compression garments should be used from the first moment after surgery, so that the patient leaves the operating room dressed in them.

These garments reduce fluid accumulation and inflammation, which contribute to pain.

We must promote early mobilization of the patient: start walking from the first day after surgery and avoid prolonged bed rest.

Prolonged bed rest increases the risk of thrombosis and worsens pain and recovery time, due to weakening of the muscles and stiffness of the joints.

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