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Can you put toxin or hyaluronic acid when you are pregnant?

Nowadays it is increasingly common for women between 30 and 40 years old to go to aesthetic medicine centers for treatments. Unfortunately, the age at which women become pregnant is increasingly advanced. While in 1975 the average age of the first pregnancy was 25 years, in 2000 it was 29 years and in 2014 it was 30 and a half years. That is to say, you have children later and later. Therefore, it is increasingly common to see patients who want to undergo treatment and who are of age to be pregnant.

Before answering the question in this article, we should just clarify a couple of points about how permissions to use medicines work. For a medicine to be marketed, it must go through a series of tests. Among them, it must be tested in humans if it is effective and, above all, if it is safe. If a medication is highly effective but is not safe or produces side effects more often than is considered reasonable, its use will not be approved by health authorities. To know if a pregnant woman can use a treatment, therefore, clinical trials would have to be carried out in pregnant women. But doing this implies a series of ethical problems that, in many cases, mean that these studies are not carried out directly. Many times the data are obtained from animal studies, which are indicative but not definitive.

It is true that many pregnant women who did not know they were pregnant have been treated with botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid over the years, but since there are no regulated safety studies done in pregnant women, it is not recommended to treat patients who know their pregnancy status. Likewise, it is true that once treated with hyaluronic acid, it is not necessary to remove it.


The use of botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid is not recommended in pregnant patients.

The most appropriate thing would be to wait until childbirth or until breastfeeding ends to perform aesthetic treatments.

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