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Buttock lift, which technique is the best?

In the buttock lift we have several parameters to evaluate. To begin with, we must differentiate the buttock lift from excess skin on the flanks with the buttocks in a normal position. In these cases we do not have to touch the buttock, simply at the end of the liposuction of the flanks assess how much skin would be left over. This decision can be deferred since the skin on the flanks usually has good retraction.

On the other hand, when the buttock is sagging and without shape, generally in the context of significant weight loss, we would perform a circumferential abominoplasty, that is, one that goes from the pubis, the groin, the iliac spine and to the sacrum. In this surgery, in the gluteal region, instead of removing skin and fat as we do in the abdomen, we maintain it and rotate it towards the lower gluteal region to give volume to that area.

Finally, in patients who are at their weight and who want to increase the size of the buttock, we can do a buttock augmentation with fat or with fat + implants. In these cases the gluteus itself is not elevated, but as it increases in size, the optical effect is one of elevation.

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