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Advantages of breast augmentation through the axillary route

One of the options that must be chosen when performing a breast augmentation with a prosthesis is the approach through which we are going to introduce the prosthesis.

We have 3 different options:

  • The areolar pathway
  • The submammary fold pathway
  • The axillary route

At Clínica Forcada we are specialists in using any of the routes, although the axillary route is probably our favorite, due to its following advantages:

  • The scar is almost invisible, since it is hidden in the natural fold of the breast, avoiding scars on the breast that could warn others that we have undergone breast augmentation.
  • We avoid modifying the mammary gland and the inframammary fold, since from the armpit we access directly under the pectoral muscle, without having to cross these structures. Therefore, we respect the anatomy of the breast as much as possible, avoiding complications.
  • We reduce the risk of infection by avoiding contact with the nipple-areola complex and the mammary gland.
  • Lower risk of bleeding due to the use of an endoscopic camera.
  • No interference with mammograms, ultrasounds or other gynecological studies because the mammary gland is not modified at all.

On the other hand, the axillary route requires:

  • Specific training for the surgeon to use this approach.
    This technique has undergone an evolution, and is the use of the endoscope to perform it.
    This evolution has given it added safety and refinement, in addition to also requiring specific training to learn how to use the endoscope.
    Therefore, not all plastic surgeons are prepared to use this route, this explains why, despite its advantages, it is generally not the most used approach.
  • It consumes a little more time, although in expert hands this increase in surgical time is negligible, and can be performed in less than 1 hour with all guarantees.
  • In case of “rejection” of the prosthesis, which is known as capsular contracture, we will have to approach another way to completely eliminate the capsule that forms around the prosthesis. However, if we want to replace the prosthesis, Whether because we want a different size or because the prosthesis has broken, we can use the axillary route without any problem.

Are all patients candidates?

  • Whenever possible we use this route, but unfortunately not all patients are suitable.
    In some cases we need to remodel the gland or remove excess skin, so the use of the axillary route is not recommended. Therefore, patients with sagging breasts, tuberous breasts, or patients who want to reduce the size of their areolas are not candidates for axillary augmentation.

Does it affect the lymph nodes in the armpit?

If done correctly it does not affect them at all because you do not have to cross the area where they are.

Can all prostheses be used?

Yes, there are no limitations with respect to the other ways, we can use different volumes, shapes and textures.

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