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Dr. Manuel Delgado

Graduate in Medicine from the Complutense University of Madrid 1998-2004.

He has the Diploma of Advanced Studies from the Faculty of Medicine of the Complutense University of Madrid, with an Outstanding rating.

He subsequently completed his residency in the specialty of Radiodiagnosis for four years (2005-2009), at the University Hospital of Getafe, after which he became an Associate Radiologist at this same center, subspecializing in Breast Imaging.

Since September 2017, he has been part of the Radiodiagnosis Service of the 12 de Octubre Hospital, with exclusive dedication to breast pathology.

He is a member of the Spanish Society of Medical Radiology (SERAM) and the Spanish Society of Diagnosis by Breast Imaging (SEDIM)

He has published multiple publications on breast pathology and has attended National Congresses on the specialty.

He has been a collaborating professor at the European University of Madrid in the subject of Radiological Anatomy (2009-2017)

Radiologist specialized in breast pathology at MD Anderson Hospital and Ruber International Hospital