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In our modern Western society, people, both those with diseases of different types and those who are healthy, find in the image they project towards others, but especially towards themselves, one of the scales by which to measure their well-being. . The mission of Aesthetic Medicine will be to try to improve one’s self-image to achieve greater personal and social satisfaction. The search will not be for “so that people notice it” as much as “so that I notice it and feel better and happier.”

Treatments in Aesthetic Medicine seek to be less aggressive than surgery in that they will be applied through injections of substances, massages or the application of different technologies such as radiofrequency or ultrasound. These treatments will satisfy patients who are looking for results but prefer to avoid surgery. In most cases the results will be evident in a short period of time.

Most treatments (many of which are temporary or can be reversed) will be performed under local or topical anesthesia and in the consultation, where we will try to resolve any doubts or questions that anyone may have before being treated. The very striking results that were sought years ago in Aesthetic Medicine have given way to the search for a rejuvenated and natural appearance, especially on the face. At Clínica Forcada we advocate for quality, close and professional Aesthetic Medicine for our patients.

Expression wrinkles

Facial rejuvenation without surgery

We improve your dark circles with hyaluronic acid

lip augmentation

We improve your dark circles with hyaluronic acid

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